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Sea turtles deemed fit to survive in the wild are released on the beaches of Hainan Island. We release the turtles as close as possible to where they were likely caught in the hopes of disrupting their natural tendencies as little as possible. To provide our sea turtle friends with as much possibility to successfully make it out of Hainanese waters and begin their ocean journeys, we try to schedule releases during the 10-week fishing ban that is held every summer during June and July in the South China Sea. This way the turtles have less nets and longlines to get around as they make their way through hostile waters. There are two types of sea turtles that are released by us back out into their wild home, the ocean. The first type are those that were rescued from poachers in an ill or injured state, underwent rehabilitation at our floating hospital, and then were assessed healthy and strong enough to finish living their life in freedom. The second type are juvenile sea turtles who were raised in our Headstarting Program from hatchlings, rescued young but healthy from the hands of poachers. In either case, it is a cause for celebration. We invite fishermen, government officials, students, tourists, hotel and restaurant owners, to witness the release of our rescued sea turtles, in order to use these joyful events as a platform for educating more people about sea turtle conservation.

Release Sea Turtle Six Greens, Ossirian

On January, 7th 2011, Sea Turtles 911 in partnership with the Ritz-Carlton, Sanya, held a sea turtle release event in Yalong Bay and released seven sea turtles. World-renowned sea turtle expert and Co-Chair of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Marine Turtle Specialist Group, Dr. Nicolas Pilcher, attended the event and gave presentations on sea turtle biology and conservation. Other friends of sea turtles participated in the exciting day, including student volunteers from Hainan University and Hainan Normal University, and fisherman who have helped rescue sick and injured sea turtles from poachers in the area.

Of the seven released, there were six Greens and one Olive Ridley sea turtle. The Green sea turtles including three juveniles that the Ritz-Carlton had raised from hatchlings in our Headstarting Project during 2010, two sub-adults rescued from poachers, and one adult female that had been accidentally caught in a fisherman's net. The Olive Ridley, Ossirian, was an adult female that had been a resident under treatment at our floating hospital for some time. Back to excellent health and weight, she was more than ready to crawl down the beach and feel her first flipper strokes of ocean freedom.

The event was titled "Raise - Release - Return" as a symbol of our joint commitment towards bringing sea turtles back to Hainan Island to nest. We raised the turtles from hatchlings, rescued from the hands of poachers. We now release the post-hatchlings from a beach that no longer receives nesting mothers. We hope that by the time these young sea turtles have reached adulthood, the beaches will once again be safe for them to return to nest and continue the ancient sea turtle life cycle.

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Release Sea Turtle Arthas and Thrall

Sea Turtles 911 inspired a group of Chinese gamers who love playing World of Warcraft to help release two sea turtles named after the WoW characters. The two turtles, named Thrall and Arthas, were rehabilitated and released back into their natural habitat at Sanya Bay, which is located along the south coast of Hainan Island. A month months prior to their release, Thrall and Arthas were being sold at a local restaurant for a meal until Sea Turtles 911 volunteers rescued them. Now, they have been given another chance at survival and peace. The rescue was funded by the U.S. WoW power leveling company, Yeh! for Games, Inc. Thank you for making this possible - Yeh! for Thrall and Arthas!
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Release Sea Turtle Arygos

After being rescued from poachers, suffering from an internal infection and malnourishment, then several months of rehabilitation, Arygos was released in cooperation with staff from the Ritz-Carlton, Sanya. At an introductory event for Sea Turtles 911's partnership with the Ritz-Carlton, Director of Human Resources, Lenny Lio, was given the honor of releasing one of the floating hospital's recovered sea turtle patients in July of 2010. Now little Arygos is free again in the sea, to live a life full of waves and sea grass.
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