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Sea Turtles are Endangered: Help!
   Our Baby Sea Turtle Hatchlings at the Hospital Nursery

Unfortunately, sea turtles no longer nest on Hainan Island's beaches as they once did. Despite the lack of native 'supply', local poachers travel to neighboring islands to collect sea turtle eggs and hatchlings to raise and sell for sea turtle meat. One of the initiatives Sea Turtles 911 takes in order to give young sea turtles rescued from this fate a better chance at survival in the open ocean is our Headstarting Project. These little guys are the life of the floating hospital! Their adorable behavior is without parallel, and they bring smiles to all who see them through their silliness and audacity.

Our hatchlings are categorized into 3 different life stages: Post Hatchlings, Hatchlings, and Newborn Hatchlings. Please consider adopting any of our hatchlings to support their early stages of life. By adopting a newborn hatchling, you will also have the honor of naming your own baby sea turtle!

Post Hatchlings
Baby Sea Turtle Hatchling Basking

Basking is our certified solar energy collector. Now matter what time you check on him he is catching the rays at the top of the enclosure. We tell him about sun screen but he just waves a flipper at us.
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Baby Sea Turtle Hatchling Robins

We couldn't resist pairing Robins with her good pal Basking. Robins has a beautiful red shell that almost seems to glow when the light hits it just right. Often she can be found floating with Basking or gliding underneath him in a dreamy way. These two are a pairing, and their relationship is as sweet as ice cream!
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Baby Sea Turtle Hatchling Gopher

If a sea turtle could burrow in water - Gopher would be the champion. Often the only way to see him is his shadow at the bottom of the enclosure, and his twice-daily sun exposure occurs only at mealtime. We try to tell him about the benefits of vitamin D but he just sinks back to the bottom; him and Basking should swap roles once in a while!
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Baby Sea Turtle Hatchling Ham

Ah Ham, the most sociable turtle out of the post-hatchlings. Ham often can be found floating at the top with Basking, but as soon as a shadow comes near the enclosure he is rushing to it! We regularly check on the sea turtles to ensure they are well, and we never have a doubt about Ham, because he lets us know with his swimming back and forth that he is fine and dandy - like sweet candy!
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Baby Sea Turtle Hatchling Oliver

Oh Oliver, he would munch away at food all day if we let him. Because we don't, he often comes to the side netting of the enclosure to beg! It's hard to look Oliver in the eye and not just know he's saying, "Please sir, I want some more!"
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Baby Sea Turtle Hatchling Big Guy

Big Guy has his own idea of how fast he wants to grow, and who are we to argue? He always eats well and has plenty of energy to dive around our enclosure among his older brothers and sisters.
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Baby Sea Turtle Hatchling Dancer

Our most athletic hatchling of the bunch, Dancer is a ham for the camera. Take him out of the enclosure and get your camera ready, because this turtle knows how to boogie!
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Baby Sea Turtle Hatchling Sunshine

Sunshine is our early bird turtle, always the first to greet us in the morning with a swim to the side of the enclosure. The early bird gets the worm as they say, and Sunshine always manages to get the tastiest morsels in the morning!
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Baby Sea Turtle Hatchling Nom

Our bottomless pit hatchling, Nom ensures no 'doggy bags' will be needed in the enclosure he is in. As the second biggest of our hatchling group, Nom thrives in making sure he has his bib on for whenever we cast a shadow on the water of his enclosure!
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Baby Sea Turtle Hatchling Black Shell

They say the black sheep is the outcast, but Black Shell would beg to differ. Black Shell is the most gregarious of our hatchlings and makes a point to be in the mix of whatever is going on.
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Newborn Hatchlings
Baby Sea Turtle Hatchling No Name

Our newborn sea turtles have not been named. It is up to you as their new parent to name them! We can send you personal pictures and videos of them so you can check up on your baby!
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