Sustainable Seafood Research for Certified Turtle Safe Products
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Where does our seafood come from?

To understand sustainable seafood, conduct your own investigative study in your local area to find out where the seafood comes from. Visit a local fish market or grocery store, and inventory the seafood species and sources, including country/region, wild-caught, or aquaculture (farm-raised). Then, choose one wild-caught species to research and prepare a 10-minute presentation. For each species, identify the fishery and which fishing gear is used to catch this species? Identify any marine conservation concerns, including threats to sea turtles or other species? And determine if the harvest is sustainable. (Think about: How do you define sustainable? What metric are you using? Does this definition change regionally?) Different fishing methods are summarized at, Seafood Watch, and the Ocean Wise Seafood Program. To expand your knowledge in sustainable seafood, please review the publications below.