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Interns giving IV fluid therapy to a sea turtle Interns tubefeeding sea turtle Sea turtle hospital Volunteer and Staff at our sea turtle facility Staff and Volunteers with baby sea turtles Staff and Volunteer inspecting sea turtles for injuries Staff and interns on fishing boat giving tour of fishing village Ecotourism: Interns with Hotel Staff Intern scrubbing turtle with children Staff and interns give tour of sea turtle hospital Staff and Volunteers with sea turtle on Sanya Beach Intern inspecting plastron of sea turtle Interns giving presentation to students Interns tubefeeding sea turtle Interns scrubbing barnacles off sea turtle Interns injecting sea turtle Volunteer and Veterinarian rescue sea turtle Volunteers releasing rehabilitated sea turtle Intern with rescued sea turtle Interns with hatchling sea turtles Interns cheering with sea turtle

Sea turtles have complex biology and life histories, and without informed, factual knowledge of these systems, effective conservation is impossible. If we don't know where sea turtles breed and nest or where they feed, we cannot properly protect their habitats. If we don't know how pollution is affecting their physical health or how poaching affects their numbers, we cannot protect sea turtle populations from extinction.

To improve the conservation of sea turtles worldwide, Sea Turtles 911 has several ongoing research initiatives to expand the knowledge of sea turtles in the South China Sea. Up until now, very little biological sea turtle research has been conducted in this area, so every piece of information we discover is of crucial importance to the conservation of Green and Hawksbill sea turtles on Hainan Island.


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