Baby Sea Turtle Hatchling for Adoption
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Sea Turtles 911

YOU can make a difference by adopting a baby sea turtle hatchling.

  • Rescuing baby turtles from poachers

  • Student holding sea turtle hatchling

    Rehabilitating baby turtle at nursery

  • Weighing baby turtle to check health

  • Baby turtle and volunteer at beach

Baby sea turtle hatchlings being released by volunteers

Although sea turtles no longer nest on Hainan Island's beaches as they once did, poachers travel to neighboring countries and islands to illegally collect eggs and hatchlings to raise and sell as pets or food. Once local authorities confiscate these baby turtles, they are transported to the Baby Turtle Nursery. We take care of the babies until they are strong enough to be released back into the wild to re-start their oceanic journey in life.

Please consider adopting any of our rescued baby hatchlings to support their early stages of life. Adopting a baby sea turtle helps provide funds for proper food and care to a baby sea turtle who might not otherwise survive.

Yao Ming adopts sea turtle and receives certificate from Sea Turtles 911 NBA Basketball Hall of Famer Yao Ming receives Certificate of Adoption from Sea Turtles 911.
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There are four (4) levels of adoption that can help prevent these majestic animals from disappearing on our planet. Each level provides us with different amounts of financial support for the caregiving of rescued sea turtles and educational outreach efforts to save the endangered species. All levels include an official certificate to formalize the symbolic adoption of your sea turtle. Certificates have a quick-response (QR) code on the bottom right corner, which can be scanned with a smartphone to verify the authenticity of the document. See sample certificate here.

You will also get a personal webpage for the adoption, which you can share online with your family and friends. This is a great way to surprise someone on a birthday or holiday with a personalized, online gift in their honor! See sample personal webpage here.

Baby Sea Turtle Hatchlings at the Hospital Nursery

Baby Name: Cloudy
Species: Green
Cataract eye baby sea turtle Cataract eye baby sea turtle
Hello, my name is Cloudy. Because of all the pollution on the beach where I was incubating in my eggshell, I was born prematurely and so I could not see very clearly because the white spots in my eyes were making things appear so cloudy. The doctors at Sea Turtles 911 said I developed cataracts in both of my eyes, making it difficult for me to see. This eye disease requires a lot of medical care so that my vision does not get worse. I heard eye surgery might help but I'm too little for that! For now, I'm just glad there are some volunteers who help me find food to eat. I hope I don't become totally blind.
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Level of Adoption:  
Name on Certificate:  
Baby Name: Charlie
Species: Hawksbill
hawksbill hatchling with damaged beak hawksbill hatchling with damaged beak
Hello, my name is Charlie and I have a terrible infection on my beak. To fight this disease, I have to take medication that makes me fall asleep early in the day. But that makes me the early bird turtle. I am always the first to greet volunteers in the morning with a swim to the side of the tank. The early bird gets the worm as they say, and I always manage to get the tastiest morsels in the morning! I always eat well and have plenty of energy to dive around...I feel like I'm flying like a bird!
Bronze turtle adoption Silver turtle adoption plan Gold turtle adoption plan Platinum turtle adoption plan
Level of Adoption:  
Name on Certificate:  
Baby Name: Squirt
Species: Green
adopt baby sea turtle
Hello, my name is Squirt and I hatched out of my egg too early because I heard people talking outside my eggshell that I became very curious and wanted to come out and play! When I came out of my eggshell, I crawled as fast as I could but could not find the ocean but kept hitting my head against a wall - Ouch! I found myself with my brothers and sisters in a styrofoam box instead of the sandy beach. Like many of my brothers and sisters who were not born on a natural beach, I was born prematurely and felt so tired and weak. Luckily, the nice volunteers at Sea Turtles 911 found me and saved me! I love swimming fast to prove to everyone I'm ready for the ocean but they say my shell is not hard enough yet to be safe out there. I'm eating as much as possible everyday so one day I'll grow up big and strong - ready to take on the big ocean!
Bronze turtle adoption Silver turtle adoption plan Gold turtle adoption plan Platinum turtle adoption plan
Level of Adoption:  
Name on Certificate: