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   Chinese Language Immersion Program & Volunteer Opportunities

Chinese teachers and Volunteers with sea turtle on Sanya Beach Volunteer and Chinese teacher at our sea turtle facility Chinese teacher and Volunteer with baby sea turtle Chinese teachers and Volunteers with baby sea turtles Chinese teacher and Volunteer in the classroom Chinese teacher teaching Volunteer Chinese at the night market Chinese teachers and Volunteers buying crabs at local fish market Chinese teacher and Volunteers preparing crabs for sea turtles Volunteer feeding crabs to sea turtles Chinese teacher with Volunteers in their hotel Chinese teacher and Volunteer inspecting sea turtles for injuries Chinese teacher and Volunteers protect sea turtle hatchlings Baby sea turtle hatchlings Volunteer and Veterinarian rescue sea turtle Volunteers with rehabilitated sea turtle Volunteers releasing rehabilitated sea turtle Volunteers and Chinese teacher looking out toward the ocean as released sea turtle swims away

Program Description

We offer a Chinese Language Immersion Program for those who are interested in studying Mandarin Chinese and doing volunteer work with sea turtles on Hainan Island, China. Volunteers will be provided with daily Chinese lessons with English-speaking locals, as well as classroom lessons. Participants in this program will also have the opportunity to contribute to the standard Volunteer Program activities such as sea turtle husbandry and our educational outreach programs. We do request a minimum commitment of two (2) weeks for our Chinese Language Immersion Program.

Where is this Located?

Our sea turtle hospital is located in a floating fishing village near the city of Sanya on Hainan Island, a famous international tropical seaside resort area, which is often referred to as the "Hawaii of China." Our programs are located in and around the southern part of Hainan. If you like beaches and warm weather, Sanya is the place for you.

Why Learn Chinese with Us?

  • Research shows that the best way to quickly and effectively learn a second language is to live, work, and study in the native country. By joining our Chinese immersion program, you will live in China as the locals do, work on sea turtle conservation projects in China, and study Chinese one-on-one with your own Chinese teacher.

  • All of our teachers are native Chinese speakers who are fluent in English and most have been teaching Chinese as a second language for many years. Through a rigorous application and national certification process, we make sure you are provided with world-class teachers.

  • School is expensive, time consuming, stressful and inflexible. Books are boring and listening to audio recordings provides a very limited amount of interaction. Because you will actually be in China, you will be able to interact using real-life visual cues, something that makes language acquisition that much easier. By interacting in China you will listen to what Native Chinese really sounds like, and learn to perfectly pronounce your Chinese.

Read & Write in China

Chinese classroom lessons are tailored and organized for each individual, and are taught Monday through Friday for two hours a day. The focus of our classroom lessons is Chinese reading and writing. Classes are offered in either a one-on-one or group setting.

Speak & Listen in China

After classroom lessons, volunteers are paired up with our certified Chinese teachers who are willing to act as local guides, thereby providing one-on-one tutoring of Chinese speaking and listening skills. For example, go shopping at the local market with your Chinese private teacher and learn how to say different market items in Chinese.

Experience Chinese Culture

By studying one-on-one with our native Chinese teachers, you will develop a friendship with them that will give opportunities for Chinese cultural exchange. We take an active role to ensure volunteers feel like part of the local community.

Volunteer Activities

Volunteers in our program get hands-on experience working with one of the most ancient and amazing creatures alive today ?sea turtles. Since it is our immediate goal to revive populations on and near Hainan, the bulk of activities will be focused on raising sea turtles. Volunteers in our program will conduct all aspects of sea turtle husbandry - such as feeding sea turtles, cleaning nets, and assisting in medical treatments. Volunteers will also get the opportunity to work with local children and adults in community outreach and education programs to build awareness about the importance of sea turtle conservation.

Food & Lodging

Volunteer accommodations are located on-land near our floating sea turtle hospital. They are modern with a common living area, internet accessible computers, a shared bathroom, kitchen, an open rooftop terrace, and several bedrooms that you may share with one or two others depending on how many volunteers and interns we have at any given time. If it is necessary for you to travel to other cities for whatever sea turtle related reason, living space will be arranged for you. We will undertake costs associated with utilities and general housing maintenance. Additional costs brought about by volunteer's acts of negligence or any fees associated which individual lifestyle will be the responsibility of said volunteer.

Three Chinese-style meals will be provided per day either at a local restaurant or prepared for you by our Chinese chef who cooks traditional Chinese food. There's nothing like real Chinese food in China!

Visa to China

China requires all travelers to obtain a visa for entry into the People's Republic of China. Visas can be obtained in person at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General in your area. If it is not convenient for you to visit the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, travel and visa agencies can help you handle the visa process for a fee. Apply for a tourist visa with a maximum stay longer than the time you intend on participating in the Chinese Language Immersion Program.

Getting to us

We are glad to help organize travel if needed. The best way to get to us is flying to Haikou city (airport code: HAK), Hainan Island, from any major Chinese city, including Hong Kong.

Session Dates

We are flexible with session dates anytime of the year since the curriculum is tailored to each individualís Chinese level. We do, however, request a minimum of a 2-week commitment.

Program Fee

Since we are a registered non-profit, we rely on program fees to fuel our mission to save the sea turtles from extinction. The total program fee will depend on how much time you want to participate in our program; some people prefer 2 weeks, while others prefer 3 months. Our Chinese Language Program fee is $475 USD per week.

The program fee covers the costs of:
  • Chinese private lessons (20 hours per week)
  • Lodging (all utilities paid for)
  • Food (3 meals a day)
  • Airport pickup transportation to your house
We do not cover the costs of international airfare or visa fees.


Please review our
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have other concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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