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Sea Turtles are Endangered: Help!
   How can I help?
 Sea Turtles 911 works around China to protect sea turtles and conserve their habitats. But sea turtle conservation begins with each of us - and you too can make a difference. There are numerous ways that you can get involved in our mission to save the sea turtles:
  • Adopt a Sea Turtle - Adopt one of our sea turtles at our floating hospital to ensure they receive adequate food, medication, and vitamins. Instead of receiving birthday and Christmas gifts, ask friends and relatives to adopt a sea turtle on your behalf!

  • Donate - Sea Turtles 911 is a non-profit organization that depends on donations from individuals like you to fund sea turtle conservation programs. You can support our efforts to save sea turtles from extinction by making an online contribution today.

  • Join our Programs - Volunteering in China by joining any of our programs will get you involved immediately! If you have time and enjoy traveling, consider coming to China to help us first-hand with the sea turtles!

  • DO NOT BUY Sea Turtle MADE Products; instead, buy Sea Turtle INSPIRED Products from our Gift Shop - Poaching is the primary threat facing sea turtles today. Sea turtles are slaughtered for their shells and meat, which are used in China as traditional medicine. In addition, Hawksbill shells are particularly valuable forms of decoration. The Hawksbill shells are traded throughout the world on the black market, where an individual shell can often fetch more than $5,000. This trade is illegal - it is restricted by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), an international agreement signed by more than 160 countries, including the U.S. Unfortunately though, due to high prices and demand, trade in sea turtle shells continues. You can help combat this illegal sea turtle trade by avoiding products made from turtle shells. Visit our Online Gift Shop to buy sea turtle inspired products instead!

  • Subscribe to Newsletter - One of the easiest ways is simply staying informed about sea turtle conservation. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive regular updates on our work to protect the sea turtles.

  • Learn Chinese Online - Have you ever wanted to learn chinese but never did because you didn't think it would help you? Well, you can help save sea turtles by signing up for private 1-on-1 online chinese lessons through our sponsored site,, where the teachers donate 10% of your tuition to help sea turtles in China. Learning chinese is now more meaningful than ever!

  • Send Flowers to China - Know anyone in China? You can now order flowers for them, knowing that your flowers will go a long way to helping sea turtles in China too. 10 percent of every floral order goes to sea turtle conservation in China. If you don't know anyone in China, you can even send "Get Well" flowers to our sea turtle patients at our hospital to show them how much you care!

  • Help a World of Warcraft Gamer Friend - Do you know someone who plays World of Warcraft? Yeh! for Games, Inc., America's first online gaming service company, has become so committed to our cause that they contribute 10 percent of each sale to sea turtle conservation efforts. So hire WoW leveling services or buy PvP gear for your gamer friend, knowing that the proceeds will be donated to support the mission to save sea turtles.

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