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Sea Turtles 911 is a non-profit organization so our ability to continue to help sea turtles is completely dependant on donations of caring individuals such as yourself. In addition to daily feedings, many of our rescued turtles are sick and in need of medication. We've become experts at getting the most out of our money, but the costs still add up quickly and a little help is always appreciated. The majority of our donations end up funding:
  • Sea Turtle Care - First and foremost, Sea Turtles 911 funding goes towards the purchase of medicine and other medical supplies for our sea turtle patients, as well as food such as fish, squid, and veggies.

  • Floating Hospital Upkeep - The large nets that suspend beneath the hospital form the "rooms" for our sea turtle patients. Over time, epibiota grows on the nets, restricting the flow of water through the nets to our patients, so the nets need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced, to maintain the safety of our sea turtle patients. Additionally, the long wooden beams and large styrofoam blocks that keep the hospital afloat need to be replaced from time to time, especially after a typhoon.

  • Campaign Expansion Costs - We are deeply committed to changing the hearts and minds of people locally and globally in regards to how sea turtles are viewed and used. To do this, we rely on our various programs and campaigns to educate and enlighten. Currently, we are especially focusing on bringing new aquaculture techniques to the fishermen in our village so that they might be able to farm high value fish and crustaceans, to end the need for them to poach sea turtles for income.

  • Local Staff - We support the local economy by hiring and training a few paid local staff who show an obvious love for the natural world and great promise in furthering conservation efforts in China. They assist in our day-to-day sea turtle care, hospital upkeep, as well as help monitor the sea turtle trade in the area.

  • Volunteer Provisions - All of our staff and extended volunteers, are unpaid and have devoted their lives (or a great deal of time) to helping us end sea turtle exploitation in China. In return for this long-term commitment, we provide room and board at no charge. In comparison, all new and short-term volunteers and interns pay a volunteer fee to cover their share of food and housing costs during their temporary stay with us.

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