Sea Turtles 911

Sea Turtles are Endangered: Help!

Hot Spring works with Sea Turtles 911

Nantian Hot Spring Resort

Hot Spring works with Sea Turtles 911 Sign in front of pond about the sea turtle problems in China

A wood framed sign is placed in front of the pond to make visitors aware of the sea turtle problems in China. The sign is in both Chinese and English language. It reads:
" The Sea Turtles in this pond are one of seven endangered Sea Turtle species. They are Green Sea Turtles that nest in and around Hainan. These eight turtles were rescued by an American non-profit organization called Sea Turtles 911. They were found severely injured but with the generous help of No.1 Hotspring in China Resort they are now receiving needed medical care and rehabilitation here.
Many sea turtles caught by poachers or opportune fisherman sadly become injured due to mistreatment or carelessness. The live turtles are tossed around like pieces of meat and suffer cracks of the shell or plastron. As a result, soft tissue damage and fungal or bone infections occur on the turtles as you can see here. Turtles are handled roughly and held in such a way that they flap their flippers so violently from the disorientation and stress that they injure themselves, resulting in cuts and bleeding on the flippers.
With proper care and rehabilitation, we hope one day to release these turtles back into the sea. But it's important to break the cycle of unnecessary death and injury. The more people who understand about Sea Turtles, the better we can adjust our habits and to help keep them safe. If we choose to no longer eat these highly intelligent and majestic creatures, fishermen will no longer have the economic motivation to catch them. We can begin the process of conservation now so that our children and grandchildren may also appreciate the natural beauty of Hainan and Hainan's Sea Turtles.
If you'd like to learn more about Sea Turtles and about how you can help, please ask at the front desk of No.1 Hotspring in China Resort or go to Working together we can keep Hainan China's most beautiful holiday destination!
-Sea Turtles 911"

Hot Spring Resort - Salt Water Truck
Testing the water quality of the water in the saltwater truck before it is pumped into the sea turtle pond. Hot Spring Resort - Salt Water Truck
The water pump located at the back of the truck begins to pump water out of the truck and into the pond. Hot Spring Resort - Front Building
The saltwater truck parks in front of the main building of the resort while it pumps new saltwater for the sea turtles.
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