Mission of Sea Turtles 911: The Cause & Our Vision
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Sea Turtles 911

Sea turtles are nearing extinction...

  • Mass turtle poaching from ocean

  • Boats transport poached turtles

  • Stuffed in sacks for sale at harbor

  • Packaged in boxes to be shipped

  • Sold as food in restaurants

  • Shells processed into bracelets

  • Assorted turtle shell products

  • Preserved turtle as wall mount

  • Products sold at open street stalls

  • Sold in display counters at malls


To support the advancement of marine conservation by inspiring and empowering the next generation of young people to protect wildlife and safeguard the health of our ocean; and to continuously advocate for the peaceful co-existence between turtles and people by ending the global exploitation of endangered turtles.

Ocean Rescue Foundation DBA Sea Turtles 911 is a 501(c)(3) organization that uses grassroots action to spread awareness and appreciation through education, contribute to local empowerment through sustainable fisheries and ecotourism, and to successfully achieve sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation. Sea Turtles 911 works at every level of the danger spectrum, armed with the 5 R's: rescuing illegally captured sea turtles; rehabilitating injured turtles; raising public awareness through education programs and events; releasing turtles back into their natural habitat; and researching conservation techniques to help give these endangered animals a fighting chance at survival.

Our focus on stopping restaurants and fishermen from selling sea turtles aims to curb the supply, where stopping the demand by convincing people to abandon seeking sea turtle products for their medicinal, aphrodisiac, or aesthetic value is a much more daunting task which would require more time than the sea turtles may have. While we have not abandoned the effort to discourage demand, we direct our efforts to where they will have the most potent impact, such as severing the supply of sea turtles available for purchase. We believe that through public education, we can help break the cycle of sea turtle poaching and consumption around China and give these awe-inspiring creatures a better chance at survival.

Sea turtles have existed on this planet for tens of millions of years, making them some of the oldest species alive today. Along comes mankind, superiorly intelligent, civilized, and insolent. We have hunted and killed these magnificent sentient beings, for a mere meal or some material object made from their bodies - or the cash to be made thereby - which we savagely and ignorantly treasured above their life, above their very existence. With nonchalance we have recklessly polluted and devastated the delicate ecosystem which is their home. With brutally idle apathy, we have turned a blind eye to their tragic plight. Today, because of our ignorance and carelessness, these beautiful creatures are nearing extinction. Today, we must salvage the self-respect of our race. Today, we must save the sea turtles before it is too late. Find out how you can help save sea turtles for our future generations.