About Sea Turtles 911
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Sea Turtles 911

Sea turtles are nearing extinction...

  • Mass turtle poaching from ocean

  • Boats transport poached turtles

  • Stuffed in sacks for sale at harbor

  • Packaged in boxes to be shipped

  • Sold as food in restaurants

  • Shells processed into bracelets

  • Assorted turtle shell products

  • Preserved turtle as wall mount

  • Products sold at open street stalls

  • Sold in display counters at malls


Intern scrubs and cleans sea turtle
Mission & Vision

Find out the mission of Sea Turtles 911 and what drives the organization to work tirelessly for the marine turtle species. The vision that we envision for the world and why sea turtles are important to our planet is also described.
Intern helping with sea turtle research
Our Team & Partners

A group of dedicated volunteers and partners make it possible to support sea turtle conservation for years to come.
Students attaching satellite tag to sea turtle
News & Media

The new media helps raise public awareness for sea turtle conservation. Find out all the news coverage that Sea Turtles 911 has received through their interviews and public events, which have been featured in newspapers, magazines, and media channels around the world.

Saving baby sea turtle hatchlings
Contact Us

The most updated contact information for Sea Turtles 911 is listed here to reach the passionate volunteer team for sea turtle conservation.