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Sea Turtles are Endangered: Help!
 Sea turtle meat and eggs are considered dining delicacies in China. We find live sea turtles in tanks and bins in restaurants around Hainan Island, waiting for people to pick them out as their next meal. We approach the restaurant employees feigning interest in purchasing them for food. For this, we appoint someone of Chinese origin who can speak the tongue fluently to avoid arousing suspicion as restaurant workers are well aware that foreigners are against sea turtle consumption. We then negotiate a price and purchase the animal/s. We do the same for fisherman who have purposefully or inadvertently captured sea turtles and are keen to sell them for profit. We also buy turtles eggs, as there is a chance that these can still be hatched.

But simply buying the turtles and eggs will only create more demand and encourage further poaching. It is therefore crucial to report these same establishments or individuals to the proper authorities.

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