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Volunteer and Chinese teacher at our sea turtle facility Chinese teacher and Volunteer with baby sea turtle Chinese teachers and Volunteers with baby sea turtles Chinese teachers and Volunteers buying crabs at local fish market Chinese teacher and Volunteer inspecting sea turtles for injuries Volunteer and Veterinarian rescue sea turtle Volunteers with rehabilitated sea turtle Volunteers releasing rehabilitated sea turtle

Program Description

Sea Turtles 911 offers a Volunteer Program for those who are interested in doing volunteer work with sea turtles on Hainan Island, China. Volunteers in our program get hands-on experience working with one of the most ancient and amazing creatures alive today ?sea turtles. Since it is our immediate goal to revive populations on and near Hainan, caring for sea turtles in preparation for release is important to us. Volunteers in our program may conduct aspects of sea turtle husbandry - such as feeding sea turtles, cleaning nets, and assisting in medical treatments. Volunteers will also get the opportunity to work with local children and adults in community outreach and education programs to build awareness about the importance of sea turtle conservation.

Where is this Located?

Our sea turtle conservation project is located in Hainan Island, a famous international tropical seaside resort area, which is often referred to as the "Hawaii of China." Our programs are located in and around Hainan, including Haikou and Sanya city. If you like beaches and warm weather, Hainan is the place for you.

Volunteer Work

As a grass-roots organization, our staffing is limited so volunteers will support our staff in their daily work, which may include administrative tasks, educational teaching, turtle rescue and research, outreach event planning and implementation, local capacity building, and public relations to raise awareness.

Experience Chinese Culture

Working with us in Hainan is not only a great chance to learn about sea turtles and play a vital role in their conservation, but an opportunity to experience Chinese culture and interact with Chinese people at a grass-roots level. On a daily basis, we are out talking to local people, discussing the sea turtle's plight and also trying to understand the local's point of view. You will have the opportunity to develop important understanding and friendships with people who have literally thousands of years experience with sea turtles. We take an active role to ensure volunteers feel like part of the local community.

Food & Lodging

Since we do not charge a fee for our volunteer program, we will not be responsible for your lodging and meals, but we can recommend places to stay and eat depending on your budget.

Visa to China

China requires all travelers to obtain a visa for entry into the People's Republic of China. Visas can be obtained in person at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate-General in your area. If it is not convenient for you to visit the Chinese Embassy or Consulate, travel and visa agencies can help you handle the visa process for a fee. Apply for a tourist visa with a maximum stay longer than the time you intend on volunteering.

Getting to us

We are glad to help organize travel if needed. The best way to get to us is flying to Haikou city (airport code: HAK), Hainan Island, from any major Chinese city, including Hong Kong.

Session Dates

We are flexible with session dates anytime of the year, but expect volunteers to also be flexible with their schedule when they arrive to volunteer. We do, however, request a minimum commitment of 2 weeks for our Volunteer Program.

Program Fee

We do not have a fee but expect volunteers to contribute at least eight (8) hours per day to support our organization.


Please review our
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have other concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Register

If you are looking for an amazing overseas adventure, living on a tropical island, experiencing Chinese culture, and making a difference to the world, our volunteer program is for you.
To register, complete the
Program Registration Form and email your resume and cover letter to

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