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Sea Turtles 911

It's the year 2016 and sea turtles are still sold as food and products...

  • Sea turtles in sacks for sale

  • Sold as food in restaurants

  • Shell products sold at shops

  • Police rescue at turtle hospital

  • Rescue by police & volunteers

  • Emergency fluid therapy

  • Tubefeeding during rehab

  • Turtle release from police boat

  • Turtle release by celebrity Yao Ming

  • Children learn to release turtle

  • Raising public awareness

  • Educating underprivileged children

  • Is there enough time to save them?


Celebrity Yao Ming Saves Endangered Sea Turtles

Sanya: Former Houston Rockets NBA star and environment advocate Yao Ming is now adding sea turtles to his list of endangered wildlife he is calling on the public to protect. The 7 ft 6 in (2.29 m) tall basketball legend recently joined Sea Turtles 911 to release rescued sea turtles back in the ocean. Yao Ming's participation in the turtle rescue effort is significant, as China remains the top consumer of endangered turtles worldwide. full story...

Chinese Police Rescues and Releases Marine Turtles

Lingshui: Chinese police supported Sea Turtles 911 in the rescue of turtles from poachers on Hainan Island. The marine turtles underwent several months of rehabilitation at the floating sea turtle hospital, due to injuries from fishing net entanglement and plastic ingestion. Police involvement in sea turtle conservation efforts has steadily increased as illegal sea turtle poaching continues in the South China Sea. full story...
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